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Are you frustrated looking for answers to a chronic health condition?

I have been there myself, having struggled with the effects of my own chronic health condition. Fortunately, the good news is that there are solutions to almost any chronic health condition, and most importantly, to feel well again.

Naturopathic Medicine treats the root cause of the disease, it doesn’t just put a band-aid on the symptoms of it. So, if you are looking for answers to your own health concern, chronic or acute, or maybe you are just interested in natural preventive care, we can help. Contact me today and schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation.

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Lastest Health Tips

Cold & Flu Prevention Tips

Cold & Flu Prevention Tips

October 22, 2020 | By Dr. Salvatore Fiorentino Cold and flu season is here, and now’s the time to be prepared.   Everyone at some point in their life has come down with either a cold or flu. And, when this happens, these illnesses...

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Guiding Principles to true healing

3 Principles to Healing

Understanding these 3 principles is essential to true healing from chronic disease.


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Doctor & Patient Evaluation

Comprehensive Evaluation

We use the best techniques to provide you with the most comprehensive assessment.


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naturopathic medicine - holistic medicine

Holistic Treatments

Unique therapeutic treatment plans that are personalized to your specific needs.


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