Happy Spring! Great Time For A Cleanse

April 01, 2021 | By Dr. Salvatore Fiorentino

A spring cleanse to start the new season.

Spring is finally here, and it couldn’t have come quicker. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely a warm-weather person. Don’t get me wrong, winter does have its positives, and the change of seasons can make life a little more interesting, but does winter have to last so long?

Winter tends to make many of us turn into couch potatoes for obvious reasons, and the current pandemic hasn’t helped either. When this happens, we tend to develop other bad habits as well. This includes, but is not limited to, eating comfort foods and consuming unhealthy drinks, working more, being less physically active, leaving the house less (less fresh air), watching more television, increased time spent on the computer, etc.

All these things cause many of us to put on weight, become more sluggish, feel moodier, and become more susceptible to sickness (house sickness included), among other things.

Fortunately, the great news is that winter has come and gone. It’s time to clean out the cobwebs and start making way for the warmer weather, and the longer-lasting days.

During this time of the year, most people are more inclined to get back outside and enjoy the fresh, warmer air, to breathe in the freshly cut grass, and enjoy the additional daylight hours. I know that, personally, I tend to do all of the above, and I especially enjoy walking outside more often when it’s warm.

With this all said, I want to share with you some suggestions to help usher in the spring season:

Spring cleaning – Yes, clearing out the stagnant home air that tends to accumulate during the winter can be very refreshing and beneficial (if you don’t have major environmental allergies that is). Indoor air quality is said to be 10 times more toxic than outside air, especially during the winter months. Start by opening your window, with screens attached of course, and let the house get some fresh air during the day.

1. Clean out those drawers – spring and summer clothing most likely was packed away in your drawers for at least three to six months. They can use some freshening. Let them air out, and even consider rewashing and hang drying them in the fresh spring air.

2. Start a new morning routine – waking up in the morning during the winter can be really difficult, but when spring arrives, the sun is up earlier, and the mornings tend to get warmer. First thing in the morning is a perfect time to go outside and breathe in that fresh morning air (once again, if you don’t have environmental allergies). Concentrate on deep breathing for five minutes while clearing your mind (mediation). You may be amazed over time how this simple action affects one’s overall health.

3. End of the day routine – finish each day, after work, with a 15- or 20-minute walk or stroll (for those who have standard work hours and if health permits).

Spring cleanse

4. Spring cleanse – Consider a detox – cleanses from season to season tend to help the body be prepared for the change in weather. Detoxes tend to help increase blood and lymphatic flow, and cleanse the toxins out of the tissues. If you have been reading my articles, you would know by now that toxins cause disease. Many people say they experience more energy and greater awareness and thinking after a seasonal detox.

If you would like help with a detox plan, let me know. I’ll send you information on how you can get my 10-Day Spring Reset Detox Program. This program will be available on May 1, 2021. It’s an easy way to feel more energetic and to prepare for the warmer days to come. Enjoy the spring!

If you would like more information about my 10-Day Spring Reset Detox Program, feel free to call us anytime as (203) 864-5762.

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