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My focus is on treating people who have chronic disease, as well as providing preventive care. My mission is to find and eliminate the root cause(s)of disease, and to stimulate the body’s natural abilities to heal.

Hi, I’m Dr. Salvatore Fiorentino. I’m a Naturopathic physician. My goal is to provide you with an individualized plan that is tailored to meet your specific needs so that you can experience true healing and reclaim your health. I’m glad that you are here and look forward to working with you.

Dr. Fiorentino

I personally know what it’s like to experience a chronic health condition because I, too, was stricken with one for many years. In fact, during that time, I was misdiagnosed with all kinds of conditions, from autoimmunity to hormonal imbalances and more. As I’m sure that you already know, this is a common experience among people with a chronic condition.


At that time, I saw many different doctors until I finally received an official diagnosis of Lyme disease, and eventually mercury toxicity as well. The delay in diagnosis allowed the disease to entrench itself deep within my body. As a result, conventional treatments were not very effective for me and, in fact, they caused a lot of damage  (you can read more about my story by clicking on the link below).

Fortunately, the good news is that I learned a lot from these experiences, which provided me much more practical knowledge than I ever learned while in medical school. My own experiences allow me to better relate in numerous ways to how many of my patients feel while they deal with their own chronic health condition.

Since that time, I gained additional invaluable experience while healing myself using Naturopathic medicine exclusively. I now use this knowledge and experience to more effectively help many others who suffer from their own chronic disease.

You can read more about my story with Lyme disease here.

I’m not only here to treat you, but to guide you on your path to reclaiming your health. I take your health issue very seriously, and I’m glad that you finally found your way here. I look forward to working with you.

Dr. Salvatore Fiorentino

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